What are the activities of BHA? 1. Training: Training forms an important part of our activities. Each member can attend the CHASA proficiency lectures that will provide him or her with practical information to handle his weapon safely; to know where an animals’ vital organs are to be able to place a deadly shot; to attain general information on game; how to cape the animal that he shot in order that a taxidermist can prepare a trophy ; survival in the bush and similar topics. We have many shooting days throughout the year at the different branches where members can prepare themselves for the hunting season – on each of these days members also compete against each other in a relaxed and friendly manner. Tracking courses are held for juniors and seniors where the difficult art of tracking are taught in a practical way. 2. Accreditation: Accreditation is a very important issue for the hunter with more than 4 firearms. The current Firearms Control Act force every firearms owner to get trained to become a Dedicated hunter. The advantages are that a Dedicated Hunter may own more than 4 firearms and more than 200 rounds of ammo per firearm, and that his hunting firearms need only be relicensed every 10 years. To become a dedicated hunter it is necessary to pass the Theoretical and practical parts of the CHASA exam. 3. Trophy Competition; This competition is held annually at the end of the hunting season to give every hunter a chance to enter the trophies he or she hunted to be measured and to establish who the Champion Hunter will be. This trophy can also be entered into the South African record book if it exceeds the minimum measurement for the specific species. 4. Establishment of branches: The Association welcomes the viable establishment of new branches in order that we can service members on grassroot level with the whole spectrum of all our activities. With other words we want to bring the Association closer to the member or anyone who wants to become a member.