Do you need to apply for a firearms license for a new firearm that you want to purchase? Below follow the steps that you need to take :

1. You have to do a shooting test at an accredited trainer on an accredited rifle range with a similar firearm to the one you plan to buy (in the specific category, namely Rifle, shotgun, handgun or semi-automatic firearm) and you must write the exam on the new Firearms Control Act in order for the trainer to issue you with a Saseta training certificate.

2. With the above Saseta certificate you go to the SAPS to apply for a SAPD Proficiency Certificate (If you did not previously obtain it – remember that, if even you did previously obtain it, you might be obliged to still do the shooting test in order to get the Saseta Training certificate).

3. The above application form for your Proficiency Certificate also comprises sections that have to be filled out by your doctor, spouse, neighbour and a friend. You also need a colour passport photo and there is an application fee of R70. Make sure that you have the prescribed safe and that it is properly bolted to the floor and wall., because the SAPS will do a safe inspection at your home.

4. When you receive your SAPS Proficiency Certificate or if you were already in possession thereof, you may obtain an application form for a firearms license from the SAPS and complete it. You will need a color ID photo and R70 application fee. Please note that it is very important to motivate your need for the specific firearm in detail. Please do not write a 0ne-sentence-reason in the applicable space where they ask “Why do you need this firearm?” THIS WILL NOT WORK! Rather write in this space : “See attached Motivation Report” , and write a thorough report where each firearm is motivated separately with technical data and stating your firearms background and hunting experiences, with a photo record and copies of all relevant certificates, ID, current firearms licences and BHA membership card. If you are still unsure what to do, you can contact me (Abel Botha) by e-mail at and I will sent you a copy of the report (only in Afrikaans) that I submitted, which worked well. You can also download the PDF file at the bottom of this page, which provide guidelines compiled by CHASA.

5. You will need certified copies of your ID and current firearms licences to accompany your application forms.

6. You can now hand in your forms at the SAPS where you will have to make a set of fingerprints.

7. When you have handed in your application forms, make sure that you receive proof of handing in (your receipts), because these receipts plus your present firearms licenses makes your firearms legitimate until you receive your new firearms licences.

8. One useful tip : Make copies of all the forms and documents that you handed in and store it in a safe place together with the above receipts!