The Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa during 1981 appointed a sub-committee to investigate the possibility to, in a proper way, give credit to the achievements of dedicated and successful trophy hunters in the amateur hunter fraternity. This led to the first award, presently known as “The Musgrave Award” being awarded in 1984.

The awarding of the trophy are being administered and controlled by the Confederation and is being done by following a set of rules that was formulated to address all aspects of the matter which comprises the following :

- Every member association may annually, before a specific closing date, nominate a hunter form its ranks for receiving the award

- Nomination consists of the completing of an extensive application form, declarations, reports, C.V. and other documentation

- Points are awarded for , among other things, variety of species hunted, trophy quality, countries where hunting trips has been done, activities to promote the amateur hunting sport etc. and a minimum point is needed before nomination can take place

- a Sub-committee of CHASA will evaluate the nominations and take a decision which, if any, nominated person will receive the award in the specific year .

The rules that were initially used for the above, are at present just as valid and appropriate in as much that the award

- Will have a totally South African colour, with other words targeted at the South African hunter and South African game.

- Had to promote ethical hunting

- Had to give Recognition to deserving trophy hunters.

- Had to serve as motivation for the South African hunter and it had to be the highest honour of its kind in the country.

- Had to accentuate the hunting aspect, especially the variety of hunted species

- Should not lead to competition between member organisations.

- Should only be awarded once to any specific

It follow therefore that the Musgrave award

* Is not a competition, but an honorary award

* Is not a race where there are competed to see who arrives first at the “winning line”.

* Is not a competition between member organisations of CHASA to see which association will get the most awards, but rather co-operation by all to give recognition to the most deserving candidate.

* Not accessible for foreigners (Non-south Africans).

* Will not honour the person who bagged the most trophies in the shortest possible time.

The award consists of a brass statue of a Bushman in typical hunting posture, mounted on a complementary wooden base. it is the creation of the well known sculptor Jo Roos. It stays the property of the recipient and is not a floating trophy.

There is strict guardianship against the lowering of standards in the awarding of the trophy and there is an enormous prestige value attached to it. It is an honour just to be nominated for the trophy.