There is a great need amongst hunters in the RSA for hunting opportunities and a similar need amongst many game farmers to make hunters aware of the hunts they have to offer.

The Board of CHASA subsequently decided to establish a hunting opportunity data base for this purpose as a service to its members and adding value to membership. In order to establish the data base, it is important to collect as much information as possible and here the game farmer plays a very important role that game has to offer. For this purpose a survey questionnaire has been developed.

In order to succeed with this project, the assistance of member associations to circulate the survey questionnaire as widely as possible amongst interested parties, having it completed and send back to CHASA office by email, or fax to 0866 145 354 or to post it to P.O.Box 1614, Uitenhage, 6230 before or on 30 April 2008, is of paramount importance.

The data questionnaire is also available on CHASA’s website and can be downloaded. The database questionnaire will also appear in the next edition of the Game and Hunt magazine and will be available countrywide.

The success of this project depends on your wholehearted co-operation and support and we are looking forward to hear from you.

Hunters Greetings

Rory O'Moore